Tips & Tricks

TIP: Notice a date at the top of your bank reconciliation?
When printing a reconciliation summary report you will notice a date at the top of the column, which is irrelevant to the reconciliation. This is the date of your most recent transaction. i.e. the date furtherest into the future, therefore if you spot this date as years ahead, you may need to check for future dated transactions.

TIP: To open the chart of Accounts without using the mouse?

Hold the ctrl key down and press “A” at the same time.



TIP: To enter a cheque without using the mouse?

Hold the Ctrl key down and press “W” at the same time.


TIP: How to change the date when in the calendar field.

Use the “+” key to increase the date & “-“ key to decrease the date.


TIP: To change the date to Today

Use the “T” key while in the date field

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